“Transitioning” can be any kind of change from one activity to the next, I like to refer to transitions as “going from A to B.” Transitions happen all day long, when we go from one room to another, when we leave the house, when we arrive at the next destination, when you shift your focus from one area to another.

Some children are very easy with transitions; if you have a child like this then you probably never gave much thought to what “transition” even means. However, children who have difficulties with transitions are a constant reminder of how many changes we all experience in a day. Children with difficulty transitioning can have reactions which range from whiny “I don’t want to go” to full blown tantrums that appear to be rooted in terror. And parents who have children who don’t transition well experience exhaustion and dread every time they have to remind their child that it’s time to go to school, or come to the table for dinner, or take a shower, or go to bed.

Parents of children with sensory and other attention issues understand all too well how profoundly difficult this issue is. It turns daily tasks into constant battles and steals the joy from family events and vacations.  Worse than that, it often causes families to “give up” on certain activities because it isn’t worth the fight.

Parenting Consultation Services – Bethesda

My parenting coaching services addresses this issue head-on. If you bring me a list of difficult transitions we will go through each one and make a plan that will make them far less stressful for you and far less upsetting for the child. There are methods that are far more effective than bribes, yelling and punishment. Contact me for more details.