Useful Articles & Resources ~ by Jessica Kramer, LCPC, NCC

Useful Articles & Resources ~ by Jessica Kramer, LCPC, NCC2024-02-07T18:57:02-05:00

Mindfulness reduces anxiety and more

Mindfulness is simply the act of keeping your attention on the present moment so that you are observing what is happening. When you are being mindful, or “present”, you are observing your thoughts and feelings without any kind of judgment, and you are awakening yourself to the experience of being in the moment rather than being distracted by outside intrusions or thoughts. Have you ever had the experience of [...]

What exactly is anxiety and what can I do about it? – anxiety treatment in Bethesda

Anxiety is both an emotional and a physical state. Anxiety can be a very helpful emotion – it is the emotion that keeps us safe, it is the emotion that keeps us healthy, it is the emotion that keeps us clean and organized. Anxiety in the proper doses is very helpful and necessary; if we didn’t have anxiety about getting sick then we wouldn’t go to the doctor. If [...]

Got Power Struggles? – Parenting Consultation Services, Bethesda

Q: Who usually wins a power struggle? A: No one. If the child gets his way, the parents feel as if they have given in. If the parents get their way, they are left feeling angry that the struggle had to occur in the first place. Both parents and child are left with residual feelings of resentment and anger no matter who gets their way.  Parenting consultation services will [...]

Strategies for working parents: staying connected

For working parents, the evenings often involve hours of household chores and driving to various errands and activities. Staying close and connected with your children can be challenging in this environment and many parents who try to “do it all” end up feeling short-changed in the process. As the holidays approach parents are reminded even more of how precious family time is and how our daily interactions set the [...]

Fostering Self-Esteem in Kids

Self-esteem, in short, is how we feel about ourselves. Children who have low self-esteem are much more likely to develop problem behaviors such as drug use, eating disorders, depression and involvement with abusive partners. How do you know if your child has low self-esteem and what can you do to improve it? Some clues that your child may have low self-esteem: Finds challenges to be enormously frustrating Difficulty finding [...]

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