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Navigating Meeting Anxiety: Keys to Success in Your Career

2024-05-30T14:45:02-04:00Anxiety Therapy|

In the professional world, meetings are a fundamental part of the daily routine. They can range from small team huddles to large-scale presentations. While meetings are essential for collaboration and decision-making, they can also be a significant source of anxiety for many people. This anxiety can stem from various factors, including fear of public speaking, performance pressure, or concerns about peer judgment. However, managing this anxiety effectively can lead to increased confidence, better performance, and ultimately, greater career success. Here’s how to navigate meeting anxiety and thrive in your career. Understanding Meeting Anxiety Meeting anxiety can manifest in several ways: [...]

Navigating Anxiety During Election Season: Understanding and Managing Political Stress

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Election season is a period marked by heightened emotions and tensions. For many, it represents a time of anticipation and hope. However, for others, it can trigger significant anxiety and stress. The pervasive media coverage, divisive political discourse, and the uncertainty surrounding election outcomes can exacerbate feelings of worry and unease. Understanding the nature of this anxiety and exploring effective strategies for managing it is crucial for maintaining mental well-being during these turbulent times. The Nature of Election-Related Anxiety Election-related anxiety, often referred to as "election stress disorder," isn't officially recognized as a clinical diagnosis but is a term used [...]

Mindfulness reduces anxiety and more

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Mindfulness is simply the act of keeping your attention on the present moment so that you are observing what is happening. When you are being mindful, or “present”, you are observing your thoughts and feelings without any kind of judgment, and you are awakening yourself to the experience of being in the moment rather than being distracted by outside intrusions or thoughts. Have you ever had the experience of driving somewhere and then not having much of a recollection of how you got there because you were so absorbed in your thoughts? That is an example of mindlessness, the [...]

What exactly is anxiety and what can I do about it? – anxiety treatment in Bethesda

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Anxiety is both an emotional and a physical state. Anxiety can be a very helpful emotion – it is the emotion that keeps us safe, it is the emotion that keeps us healthy, it is the emotion that keeps us clean and organized. Anxiety in the proper doses is very helpful and necessary; if we didn’t have anxiety about getting sick then we wouldn’t go to the doctor. If you didn’t have anxiety about taking care of your family’s physical needs then you wouldn’t have a job. We know we are experiencing anxiety because of the uncomfortable physical symptoms [...]

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