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Teenagers and Stress

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Teenagers commonly experience stress as a result of difficulties with peers, family, school or their personal thoughts, feelings or behaviors. Peer problems may include conflict with friends, a break-up or being bullied. School related pressures range from academic performance, relationships with teachers to moving and changing schools. Family issues may involve the separation or divorce of parents, chronic illness or death of a family member or financial difficulties. Negative thoughts and feelings about themselves may relate to changes in their bodies, feeling unsafe in their neighborhood, taking on too many activities or having too high expectations. Teenagers need to [...]

Teenagers and Depression

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Major depression is a serious medical illness that affects 1 in 20 American teenagers. The most serious risk of depression in teenagers is suicide, the third leading cause of death in 15-24 year olds and the second leading cause of death among college students. Parents should be aware of the symptoms of Major Depression: Depressed, irritable mood or feeling nothing Decreased interest or pleasure in activities Change in appetite or weight Sleeping more or less than usual Feeling restless or slowed down Fatigue or loss of energy Decreased concentration Feelings of guilt of worthlessness Recurrent thoughts of death or [...]

Difficult Transitions – Parenting Consultation Services, Bethesda

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“Transitioning” can be any kind of change from one activity to the next, I like to refer to transitions as “going from A to B.” Transitions happen all day long, when we go from one room to another, when we leave the house, when we arrive at the next destination, when you shift your focus from one area to another. Some children are very easy with transitions; if you have a child like this then you probably never gave much thought to what “transition” even means. However, children who have difficulties with transitions are a constant reminder of how [...]

Prepare your child for the path – Parenting Consultation Services, Bethesda

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Prepare your child for the path, do not prepare the path for your child -- by Jessica Kramer, LCPC, NCC One of the biggest complaints I hear from parents is that this generation of children seems to have an inflated sense of entitlement. The phrase “helicopter parenting” is a hot debate. Most claim that they are opposed to the idea of hovering over their children, yet many who are opposed to it are practicing it nonetheless and redefining it as being “protective” or “involved” or “connected” with their children, in fact it is teaching them to feel entitled to [...]

Got Power Struggles? – Parenting Consultation Services, Bethesda

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Q: Who usually wins a power struggle? A: No one. If the child gets his way, the parents feel as if they have given in. If the parents get their way, they are left feeling angry that the struggle had to occur in the first place. Both parents and child are left with residual feelings of resentment and anger no matter who gets their way.  Parenting consultation services will help you figure out how to minimize the bad feelings. Instead of focusing on winning power struggles, let’s focus on preventing them. Visualize a power struggle as a tug of [...]

Strategies for working parents: staying connected

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For working parents, the evenings often involve hours of household chores and driving to various errands and activities. Staying close and connected with your children can be challenging in this environment and many parents who try to “do it all” end up feeling short-changed in the process. As the holidays approach parents are reminded even more of how precious family time is and how our daily interactions set the tone for family gatherings. Make your time together meaningful... For years parenting experts have been saying that quality is a much greater factor than quantity when building a close and [...]

Fostering Self-Esteem in Kids

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Self-esteem, in short, is how we feel about ourselves. Children who have low self-esteem are much more likely to develop problem behaviors such as drug use, eating disorders, depression and involvement with abusive partners. How do you know if your child has low self-esteem and what can you do to improve it? Some clues that your child may have low self-esteem: Finds challenges to be enormously frustrating Difficulty finding solutions to problems Self- critical thinking (“I can’t do anything right”) Faces new challenges with defeatism Has a predominant sense of pessimism Two things must be present in order to [...]

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