Do You Want To Build A Closer Connection With Your Kids?

  • Are you struggling to communicate effectively with your children?
  • Does no reward system or form of discipline seem to work for them?
  • Have you and your spouse run into parenting disagreements that you’re not sure how to resolve?

Maybe you’re dealing with a difficult co-worker, feeling misunderstood in your marriage, or experiencing conflict with a child, parent, or sibling. Perhaps you just don’t feel heard, acknowledged, or understood in your relationships. You might struggle to advocate for yourself and find yourself saying yes to things you’re not really okay with. Maybe you have trouble communicating in a way that isn’t overly forceful or overly timid—you feel like you can never find a happy medium. As a result, you might be thinking of pursuing relationship counseling.


Your Children’s Issues May Be Impacting Your Own Mental State

When you love your children deeply, it’s virtually impossible not to internalize their struggles. After all, parents are only as happy as their unhappiest child—your mental and emotional state is probably very dependent on the functioning of your kids. When your child isn’t socializing well or keeping up in school, you may have trouble not being preoccupied by their challenges.

If you’re married or in a relationship, you and your partner may find yourselves frequently arguing about the correct way to deal with your child’s problems. This probably adds to the stress in your household and only makes everyday interactions more intense.

Thankfully, you don’t have to keep spinning your wheels. As a coach who specializes in working with parents, I am confident that I can help you and your partner provide better guidance for your kids and enjoy a healthier family life and marital relationship as a result. Whether you’re married or a single parent, I would be honored to work with you!

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In The Social Media Age, Parents And Kids Face Unprecedented Stress

Parenting is hard. And in today’s digital world, the issues that parents face are more nuanced and complicated than ever before. Social media has added an entirely new dimension to the lives of kids and teenagers, and this has opened a pandora’s box of brand new parenting challenges.

Gone are the days of children leaving their social life at school and putting it all on the backburner when they come home. Kids today have constant access to each other electronically. All over social media they see their peers going to parties that they weren’t invited to, and this creates intense levels of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). What’s more, they live in a world of constant comparison—they see other kids with more followers, better selfies, and seemingly happier relationships, and this makes them “compare and despair” about their own lives.

Needless to say, being a kid in the 21st century is complicated. So it’s only natural that there’s an increasing disconnect between parents and children in the age of social media.

Many People Try To Parent The Way They Were Parented

There’s often a lot of fighting between parents over the “right way” to deal with children’s problems. Most parents default to the way that they were raised instead of stopping to consider what worked and what didn’t. And even if something worked for them, there’s no guarantee that it will work for their kids.

After all, kids today face issues that their parents never had to deal with. Nowadays, when there’s an altercation or embarrassing social situation at school, every kid’s biggest fear is that it will get posted on social media. They have to live their whole lives worrying about how their words and actions will look online—a fear that most of us couldn’t even conceive of when we were their age.

We don’t have the resources to solve these new problems, and that’s why it’s so vital to seek support. No parent is perfectly equipped to navigate all the complexities of the social media age, so there’s no shame in getting extra help.

Coaching Can Give You Valuable Parenting Skills To Use At Home

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Most coaches concentrate on the needs of the clients in front of them. In parenting coaching, I am focused on the needs of the entire family. This way, there is more harmony in the home and everyone’s needs are addressed. Even though sessions are held between me and the parents alone, the children’s wellbeing is still at the forefront of my coaching priorities.

My approach to coaching is very strategic and directive. Unlike therapy, which focuses on getting to the root causes and underlying patterns beneath everyday problems, coaching is more situational and focused on developing practical parenting solutions. I will guide you through different strategies and help you learn to implement them into your interactions with your kids.

I provide coaching services for both single parents and those who are married, engaged, or in a relationship. I also offer parenting coaching for divorced or separated couples, but they must have an amicable relationship to work with me. If coaching is going to be effective, there can’t be any ongoing conflict between spouses and partners.

What To Expect In Parenting Coaching Sessions

Whether you come with your spouse or by yourself, we will start by going over what’s working and not working in your current parenting repertoire. We might look at the way that you were parented, what kind of disciplines were used, and what has carried over into your parenting today. Next, we’ll explore your child’s behaviors and try to figure out if there are deeper issues that discipline can’t address. These issues might include special needs challenges or external problems like tension between other family members.

Together, we’ll craft a plan that’s specific to your child and addresses their behavioral needs. I have a coaching framework that borrows methods from many different parenting strategies. My approach can be summed up as 50-percent guidance and 50-percent warmth. I don’t rely on rewards or punishment, but I am not permissive, either. Instead, I rely on instilling cooperation. I will help you teach your children critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and emotional-regulation skills. These strategies can help you enjoy a more cooperative home life and experience stronger connections all around.

The truth is that once there is cooperation between you and your children, there doesn’t need to be frequent rewards or punishment. Your kids will know that they are understood and supported, and this will make it easier for them to behave well and manage their emotions. In this way, the skills you gain in coaching can deepen your relationship with your children in profound ways.

You May Have Some Questions About Parenting Coaching…

Can I bring my child to sessions?

I only work with the parents in coaching because I only need to work with the parents. The goal is for you to approach your children differently than you have in the past. I will help you and your partner gain a new understanding of how you can collaborate to solve problems, enabling you to take what you learn and easily apply it to your home lives.

What if my partner doesn’t want to come with me?

I would ask both of you to come to at least the first two sessions so that you can see the value of having both in attendance. If your partner can’t commit past the first two sessions, then I would encourage you to still attend coaching by yourself. If your own parenting improves and your partner sees that, they may be more inclined to join you in coaching sessions later on. 

How many parenting sessions will we need? 

I encourage a minimum of six sessions, but many parents choose to stay longer. Regardless of how long the coaching process takes, I encourage you to be patient with yourself. It’s okay to take your time, as no one can be expected to perfect a skill overnight. That said, most of the skills I teach are very straightforward, so you will probably get the hang of it quickly!

Bring Harmony Back Into Your Home

As a parenting coach, I want to empower you to relate to your children in a new way and help you make your home a place of harmony and understanding. To learn more about my approach to coaching, you can use the contact form, or call or text at 301-744-9299.